[2.5] (Life) Gladiator – Crit Reave Bleeding Explosions
[2.5] Hybrid Occultist – Tri-Curse Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm
Righteous Shocker Build! (RF / CoMK) (1.8)
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[2.5] Hybrid Occultist – Tri-Curse Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm


As some of you know, I’ve been coaching Mike on Path of Exile and getting him sucked more and more into the game. We now spend most of our time during our working days making builds and bouncing ideas off each other. I liked the build concept he came up with here. The build uses Scorching Ray and Cast when Channeling with Firestorm. If you’ve seen this build on the forums you know it can be pretty great late game (especially if you work in an emberwake). The reason why i enjoyed this build he did was because of the overall tanky feel it has to it with the hybrid Life/ES combo


– Tanky (176% Max life, 206% ES with regen/leech from warlords mark)
– Decent Damage (2 offensive curses with chaos corpse explosion from occultist ascendancy)
– Can do most content (Shaper, Atziri)

– Slower build, channeling skills are fun but playstyle of standing there gets old
– Monitoring chaos damage from your life pool
– Need life pots (since were using ghostreaver, need a life pot for chaos dmg)

Skill Tree:

PoE TW tree: http://goo.gl/NNCDib
PoE Planner skill tree: http://goo.gl/oF587w

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We are wanting the Occultist ascendancy and want to rush malediction with the first four points. The additional curse, and the chance to explode on death allows us to run Flammability, Ele weakness(or temp chains), and Warlords mark. I opted to go for Vile bastion with our other 4 points for the stun immunity and additional ES regen. There is however a good argument to get forbidden power/elemental overload and run Orb of storms with crit strikes to try and proc ele overload.

Gem Links:

Our 6 link will be: Scorching Ray – CwC – Firestorm – Controlled Destruction – Fire Pen – Concentrated Effect (drop conc effect if only a 5l)
3L – CWDT – Immortal call – Increased duration
3L – Blasphemy – flammability – temp chains (or enfeeble)
4L – Orb of storms – Curse on Hit – Warlords mark – Faster casting (sub in crit strikes if getting ele overload)
4L – Flame Dash – Faster Casting – Flame Golem – Minion Life
4L – Vaal haste – Vaal Discipline – Vaal Discipline – Increased Duration

Gear to look for:

Good life/es combination gear. You’ll want a helm, shield, and chest that are pure ES for the highest %’s. There is not much strength from this build on the tree so you may consider a strength based amulet or belt if you need it for gear.


Normal: Help – Oak
Cruel:     Kill all
Merc:      Kill all

Helpful Uniques:

Emberwake – This ring has the makings of all we’d love with this build, the ignite stacking had a great synergy with firestorm
Ngamahu Tiki – I like this amulet a lot, tons of fire damage with life and a res


I would recommend leveling with the newly buffed fireball. With the 50% more damage it now has the leveling has proved to be insanely fast. When you hit 28 you switch to flameblast if you’d like. Get cast speed and some fire damage early, I would get strictly life nodes until you start to get some good gear around lvl 65-70, at that point you can start picking up your ES nodes as well.

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