[2.5] (Life) Gladiator – Crit Reave Bleeding Explosions
[2.5] Hybrid Occultist – Tri-Curse Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm
Righteous Shocker Build! (RF / CoMK) (1.8)
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[2.5] (Life) Gladiator – Crit Reave Bleeding Explosions


This build is just pure fun. Reave is one of my favorite skills in the game and I designed this build to have all the things I love in a PoE build. Those things are: crit, speed, damage, explosions, and enough survivability to handle most content. The whole thing that makes reave great is vaal reave. With the changes that had been made to the way reave works and other skills not disabling vaal reave you can now chain vaal reave and whirling blades through an entire map with vaal reave up and clear it. It’s insanely fun and satisfying to see all these mobs exploding from our ascendancy while reaving an entire pack and whirling away. Our single target doesn’t lack too much either even though it’s in a 4 link. This is largely in part to the Bloodlust support gem. the more damage we get from making the mobs bleed with our reave allows for a very good feeling  single target 4l.


– 50% chance to bleed on hit that bumps our increased damage way up
– Good damage+ enough crit to feel good (65k tooltip with budget gear)
– Has handled up to T14 Maps with ease, Atziri down, have not yet attempted Shaper
– Fast clear speed, whirl and vaal reave make it easy and fun.

– Acro/Phase acro based build, not super tanky but leech makes up for it
– Could potentially get one shot by higher tier bosses if not careful
– Single target dual strike while heavy damage does require you to be right next to the boss

Skill Tree:

PoE TW tree: http://goo.gl/5lSMq1
PoE Planner skill tree: http://goo.gl/Qe9K2e


This ascendancy is about doing massive damage, and I fucking love it! With our first 4 points we want to pick up both Gratuitous Violence and Blood in the eyes. These two ascendancy’s give us a 50% bleed chance on hit, with 60% increased damage against bleeding enemies and a nice added bonus of the enemies exploding for 10% of their life. For the remaining 4 points I went with Outmatch and Outlast, and Painforged. Since we’re dual wield this gives us a nice little added bonus pretty much always having max frenzy charges and the occasional endurance charge. Painforged adds an additional 40% inc damage when we haven’t been hit recently.

Gem Links:

Our 6 link will be: Reave – Multistrike – Melee Phys -Added Fire – Inc Aoe – Faster Attacks (drop faster attacks if 5 link, still have ~14 attacks per second)
3L – Summon Ice Golem – Vaal Reave – Multistrike
3L – Whirling Blades – Fortify – Faster Attacks
4L – CWDT – Immortal call – Increased duration – Warlords Mark
4L – Blood Rage – Hatred – Herald of Ash – Decoy Totem (utility/auras)
4L – Dual Strike – Melee Phys – Multistrike – Bloodlust

Gear to look for:

Life life life, we want high life gear, life on jewels, high evasion/armour items, we want to try and acheive around ~700 armour for decent damage reduction softening some of the savage hits. Crit rings, high phys damage main hand sword and a high crit off hand since reave is a main hand only skill. I was able to achieve ~45% crit with this setup.


Normal: Help – Oak
Cruel:     Help – Kraityn
Merc:      Kill all

Helpful Uniques:

Carcass Jack – Great for AoE clear
Daresso’s Defiance – If you want to go for higher dodge chance plus the onslaught/endurance charge combination is really nice


I prefer to level with frost blades until you get reave and then you can use reave to level with. It can be tough getting good damage weapons when leveling so utilize the belt/weapon recipe with vendors for phys %.


Keep in mind the offensive sheet is unbuffed, we have 4 frenzy charges + the more damage multiplier from outmatch/outlast plus the increased damage from bleeding too. None of this is factored into the tooltip DPS.

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