[2.5] (Life) Gladiator – Crit Reave Bleeding Explosions
[2.5] Hybrid Occultist – Tri-Curse Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm
Righteous Shocker Build! (RF / CoMK) (1.8)
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This page is dedicated to all instructional guides that we have. You’ll find PoE builds & best practices on this page. We will show you the best budget Path of Exile builds for new leagues. Here we’ll list all the tools and resources for this page to be your own personal PoE planner.

For a new league it can be tough to design a good self sustaining build. A lot of these builds focus more on the PoE skill tree than they do unique items in order to provide a good build concept that doesn’t require much gear to work.

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[2.5] Hybrid Occultist – Tri-Curse Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm




[2.5] Champion РCrit Reaver Bleeding Build