[2.5] (Life) Gladiator – Crit Reave Bleeding Explosions
[2.5] Hybrid Occultist – Tri-Curse Scorching Ray CwC Firestorm
Righteous Shocker Build! (RF / CoMK) (1.8)
Welcome to AoE Gaming

Welcome to AoE Gaming

Now that our site has officially launched we’d like to personally welcome you to the AoE Gaming community. Not only will you be able to find information here on our stream and stay up to date with what we’re doing, but we will have plenty more for your to read up on or watch about the gaming industry as a whole. We love esports and want will be posting lots about current activities in esports so you’ll always have the latest news.┬áCheck out our stuff and let us know what you think!


Have any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime via our contact form, our twitch page, or on any of the games we play, we’re always happy to help!


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  1. Duckdangerously says:

    gotta say love the stream…oh and Shotty says “If there’s hate in your heart, Let it Out”…

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